Women Talk Tech Episode 13: The Impact of Tech on Humanity

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On this week’s Women Talk Tech podcast, we talk to Arlene Williams, who is the Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement for the Engineering Change Lab, a social change lab working to catalyze culture change in the engineering community in Canada and help better ensure technology is beneficial for all.


Arlene points out that to get more women in engineering and technology, the fields themselves need to change. Three key takeaways Arlene highlighted in her episode were:

  • Issues related to women in tech are much deeper than getting women interested in science and math. They are connected to the narrow ways these fields often view themselves, versus highlighting their connections to society.
  • We tend to have a limited view of tech and we need to realize that tech impacts nearly every aspect of modern life, and makes a profound difference to our existence.
  • A better understanding of the connections between tech and society will help in addressing the many problematic issues currently associated with tech such as Facebook/Cambridge Analytica, biased algorithms and more.


About Arlene Williams and The Engineering Change Lab

Arlene has over 20 years of experience working in the education sector and brings a strong background in strategic action, communications, and learning facilitation. She believes that good intentions, honest conversations, and vulnerability are crucial to making progress and living a good life. Arlene holds an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Alberta and a Master’s degree in Communication and Culture from York University/Ryerson University. She is also a certified leadership coach. Connect with Arlene on LinkedIn here.

The Engineering Change Lab is a collaborative platform for individuals and organizations from across the engineering community to share perspectives, deepen understanding, and take action to address systemic challenges holding back the profession’s full potential. The team consists of 40 senior leaders from workplaces, universities, government agencies, associations, and nonprofit organizations and “co-creators” which are the participants. For more on The Engineering Change Lab visit their website and follow them on Twitter.

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