The key to a successful marketing strategy today is finding the right content, at the right time, in the right place, for the right audience—and Marie Wiese, president of Marketing Co-Pilot and long-time digital marketing guru, knows the secrets behind creating an impactful, measurable, and captivating digital campaign. In You Can’t Be Everywhere, Wiese offers her expert insight on how to become a savvier marketer.



  • Revealing the secrets behind creating an impactful, measurable, and captivating marketing program


  • Outlining a simple marketing approach based on common sense


  • Describes the need for digital transformation for every business

A true digital marketing visionary

“Marie Wiese is a true digital marketing visionary, and one of the nation’s foremost experts in defining, mapping and optimizing the customer journey, and growing businesses with sophisticated insights, techniques and technologies. Companies big and small, non-profits and senior government leaders have long sought Marie’s wisdom in architecting truly disruptive content strategies with outsized and immediate market impact.”

Chris Hook
Graphics and Visual Technologies Marketing Chief at Intel Corporation

A powerful toolkit

You Can’t Be Everywhere is a powerful toolkit for pinpointing your smartest digital marketing priorities. Marie Wiese cuts to the chase with timely myth-busting, lucid advice and a step-by-step approach to driving bottom-line results.”

Jeanette Hanna
Brand Marketer

A pragmatic, proven approach

“I’ve admired the work Marie has done for over a decade now.  She has a pragmatic, proven approach to marketing that simply works.  Marie cuts through all the “voodoo” to make sense of the programs and platforms you need to deliver results.”

Peter Evans
President and Founder, Expertfile

Consistent measurable results

“Marketing is often perceived as some kind of shadowy black magic performed by seers and visionaries and is one of the most misunderstood of all business functions. Marie’s expertise combined with a sound programmatic approach takes the mystery out of digital marketing and creates measurable results.”

Jim Barnett
VP Sales and Marketing, Promys

Practical and effective strategies and tools

“In what often appears as an ever-changing landscape of seller and buyer interactions in a digital world, Marie has a knack for boiling off the hyperbole and gets down to practical and effective strategies and tools to bring in the right prospects for big results.”

John Graham
Executive Vice President, Solutions360




Over the last 15 years, Marie has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their websites into lead generation and sales machines as founder of Marketing CoPilot, a leading Canadian digital marketing agency. She has taught clients how to navigate the dramatic shift in marketing caused by the change in buyer behavior and the web. She shares her knowledge extensively on her blog and in her book, You Can’t Be Everywhere. She is also a keynote speaker, a mom and a writer.