Launching Women in Tech Series at June 10 ChannelNEXT

Are you a woman in tech that wants to connect and advance her career? Be sure to register for the FREE June 10/11 ChannelNEXT19 conference.

During this event, you will experience several women-focused “Mastermind” peer-groups, keynotes and social networking sessions to discuss today’s business challenges and accelerate your career in the Tech Industry. Topics include Marketing, Leadership, HR, Sales or digital Marketing and Best Business Practices

What’s happening in the tech sector anyways? Nothing great.
  • Only 20% of the tech industry is made up of women. And, 32% – one third – of that 20% are disgruntled and say they will likely be leaving the tech sector within a year.
  • Only 54% of women have access to senior leaders who act as mentors or informal sponsors in their career
  • Companies were offering women between 4% and a whopping 45% less starting pay for the same job.
  • 40 percent of U.S. women in science, engineering and tech jobs reported lacking role models, while nearly half reported lacking mentors, and 84 percent reported lacking sponsors.
  • 63% of the time, men were offered higher salaries than women for the same role at the same company.
Keynotes from Women about Women in Tech

Marie Wiese: Will the race for tech talent destroy your company? Finding talent will be the greatest risk. Tech companies must look beyond traditional ways of attracting and grooming talent as well as looking internally to understand how their companies are set up to build a diverse workforce.

Glynis Devine: What is your Core Motive for Building Leadership? What does it take to make a great leader? What kind of leader are you? We will explore the core elements of today’s successful leaders.

Melanie Sodka: What is your capacity? This high energy keynote will introduce to the Four States of Capacity.  Through a series of personal awareness exercises, you will have opportunities to engage with the material, giving.

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Learn more about Marie as a speaker here

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