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Marie Wiese had the opportunity to participate in “The Supreme Leadership Podcast” which is a podcast that interviews leaders who have been successful for almost a quarter of a century.

Marie speaks about several deep topics surrounding entrepreneurs and common struggles they have, the importance of coaching and mentorship and how Marie got to where she is now.

When entrepreneurs are building their business, they are often short on time and money and they are not sure what they’re doing when it comes to marketing their business. They tend to think they can be everywhere and do everything because that’s what social media and the digital world tells us.

So how do you coach an entrepreneur and generate leads?

Do entrepreneurs understand their buyers and are they driving the wrong traffic?

Marie addresses these questions on both this podcast episode and in her new book.

Marie also speaks about the importance of mentorship, how to have difficult conversations and tips on how to have those conversations. One piece of advice Marie gave was:

Start with the end goal in mind and really think about what that end goal is. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and think about how this conversation can mutually benefit both parties.

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