You Can’t Be Everywhere has made the list of Best Books of 2016 for Entrepreneurs

I am excited to annouce You Can’t Be Everywhere: A Common Sense Approach to Digital Marketing for any Business has made the list of Best Books of 2016 for Entrepeneurs by Stacklist.

Stacklist focuses on helping entrepreneurs “make faster, easier, and smarter decisions” by compiling the best tools, guides and articles to make small start ups successful. Stacklist makes information easily accessible for entrepreneurs with specific categories and search tools.

“While common marketing advice is telling you to focus on SEO, social media and everything else that is the digital marketing landscape,” Stacklist writes, “Marie‚Äôs advice says to focus on the correct marketing channels instead of spreading your marketing thin.”

To continue reading the excerpt on You Can’t Be Everywhere, as well as see the rest of the best books for entrepreneurs in 2016, visit the Stacklist article.


The American Genius, a curated website of news and business resources, has written their own article of Top 10 brand new books for entrepreneurs based on Stacklist’s recommendations and has included You Can’t Be Everywhere in their Top 10 round up!

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